A documentary highlighting how digital global health tools can flourish when integrated as part of a larger network of actors

Empowering the Women of Tanzania

A documentary highlighting how one organization is changing the lives of women in tanzania through legal education and assistance.

Supporting Early Child development with Technology

A documentary highlighting how technology can impact the development of young children in zanzibar.


Community based video contents

Our 2024 Showreel

Creating content with purpose and authenticity.

Engishon Microfinance Limited (pwc)

a documentary film about a pastoral microfinance limited helping it's communities to thrive economically.

Education for a bright future

A fascinating story about a group of determined young Tanzanian students. They come from less privileged backgrounds but are determined to get a great education. Their goal is to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Discover Zanzibar

A travel and lifestyle promotional video for a travel television channel in Zanzibar, showcasing the unknown and unique destinations of zanzibar.

TV Broadcasting Aerial Visuals

Samples of aerial contents for our clients, the beauty of Tanzania from a bird's eye perspective.